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At present, it is offering BBA, MBA, EMBA, and short-duration programs, and we aim to further expand our education and teaching portfolio by bringing academic programs relevant to the context and needs of the business sectors and economy of Pakistan. The experienced faculty members are having extensive professional corporate and tertiary teaching experience. They are committed to inculcate professional attitude by focusing on student’s ability to frame, analyze, and communicate efficiently and effectively in solving an unstructured business problem through industry-driven research. The faculty of the SBM is highly entrusted to create interfaith harmony seminars, workshops, and conferences to give due respect to each ethnic group. Journal of Design and Textiles is an open access journal which provides a forum to disseminate knowledge among academic and industrial researchers blindsmagazine , in the fields of textile engineering, technology, fashion, and design.

However, most of our students usually opt for healthcare management by selecting courses that help them build their careers in hospitals, pharmaceutical, and allied healthcare businesses, and the industry. We all agree that healthcare is one of the most relevant, largest, and fastest-growing sectors in the world and will remain so in the foreseeable future. Therefore, we say that we are preparing our students for the present as well as the future. Furthermore, in terms of destinations that our graduates head to after completing their studies, you would be happy to know that they are well-placed in different leading organizations and are contributing to their growth and success.

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Hired for doing the limited work but never to engage in ‘thinking beyond’. In the business and corporate world, the training to foresee and plan for future is largely dependent upon the culture of the organisation. Some entities restrict guidepromotion the job of planning and the skill of foresight to a few chosen ones; the team / workers have to tread the path without having to do or be responsible for the consequent results of their efforts. To this extreme organisational attitude is a culture, where all units of energy are encouraged to have before them a broader frame and spectrum of knowledge and skill set, that goes beyond the needs of the assigned work. In most organisations, the hiring of “management trainees” is with this specific purpose, to have a yearly supply of fresh blood to the organisation, who are focusedly trained with all round knowledge. And leaders have to not only know the direction, but also what milestones to achieve .

The articles reflecting different ethical and legal effects of various scientific and technological developments and the use of different Bioinformatics tools to analyze the experimental data in different OMICS technologies are also welcomed. Innovative Computing is an international journal being published by the School of Systems and Technology , University of Management and Technology , Lahore, Pakistan. ICR is committed to publishing high-quality studies in computing and related fields and is widely circulated, both nationally and internationally. It is focused towards the publication of original research work and reviews in form of articles under the umbrella of computing science and it aims to introduce the latest developments in this rapidly growing subject.

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Create a storyboard on a one pager website urging customers to stay on your homepage mirrorheart . You may have a huge marketing budget that may be sufficient to reach your audience and you may even have a wonderful product that when used will make customers go wow. But how do you get the word out about your new business is the big question. The second academic session was chaired by the Vice Chancellor of Preston University-Kohat Prof. Dr. Muhammad Anwar Hassan.

UMT Education Review is an open-access, double-blind peer-reviewed International journal published biannually by the Department of Education, University of Management and Technology. UER has a broad focus related to education development and change, especially occurring in the 21st century in the developing world. Empirical Economic Review is a multidisciplinary journal published by the Department of Economics and Statistics, Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management dailymagazineworld , University of Management and Technology , Lahore, Pakistan. EER brings forward the prevailing topics in the fields of economics, finance and public policy simulating a thought-provoking debate leading to an insight of theoretical and empirical research. Journal of Quantitative Methods is a multidisciplinary bi-annual journal launched in 2017 by the Department of Economics and Statistics, Dr. Hasan Murad School of Management , University of Management and Technology , Lahore, Pakistan.

Since its inception the forum has been regularly conducting fortnightly reading and discussion sessions on key theorists and intellectuals who have contributed to the development of criticality. The Forum has also brought together research scholars from a variety of disciplines including Literary Studies, Politics and IR, Islamic Studies, History and Education. Experts call for investor education, removal of inter-corporate dividend tax and... The event in Lahore marked the end of annual celebrations of Global Ethics Day in Pakistan jointly convened by ACCA , the British Deputy High Commission Karachi, Pakistan Business Council’s Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business and CFA Society Pakistan.

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The proposed structure and developments can help to resolve ethical issues to enhance the supply chain performance by incorporating Islamic business ethics into supply chain ethics. Its limitations are that some constructs from Islamic and supply chain ethics may still have not been compared and can be researched in future. In terms of the knowledge and skills portfolio, our students become well-equipped to work in any business environment thebridgedaily because of the transferable skills that they acquire.

In a fast changing marketing scenario, social media and content marketing is making life interesting for marketers. Speaking at the conference, prominent philanthropist and founder of Akhuwat, Dr Amjad Saqib emphasised that entrepreneurs play a crucial role in every society and business without ethics is simply an insult to public trust and counter to our universal values. Audit and Accounting Review is an international double-blind peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high-quality research papers on the advances in Accounting, Auditing, Business, Management and Economics that can help us to meet the challenges of the 21st century. It also provides a source to access legitimate new models as well as their applications and implications in the field of Audit and Accounting.

Additionally, this also facilitates the students and stakeholders of other Dow faculties and schools to consult our academic experts in terms of formulating business plans and undertaking feasibility analyses. Hence, this distinctive feature of the Dow family and the IBHM promotes a culture of knowledge exchange and sharing. It, in turn, enables the students of IBHM and the rest of the University to transform ideas into successful business ventures and become budding business consultants. Under this fast track pathway you only sit for the final exam of the professional qualification . Through successful completion of this exam and the relevant work experience globaltechbrand , you can qualify for CIMA membership and earn the professional global designation of Chartered Global Management Accountant conferred by CIMA and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.